Gemini New Moon

I am back! Recharged, inspired, and ready to share my insights and energy with you all again. We underestimate the medicine of occasionally stepping out of the circle to relook, gather, and reboot. The beautiful coast of Malongane Mozambique is incredible and the swims, the beach walks, the snorkeling, and the dolphin diving gave me the healing water medicine I needed.

Today we can experience the energy of the Sun conjunct Venus. This Kazimi energy magnifies the point between passion and love, between receptivity and radiating this love. Open your heart to receive, share, and know your value so that others can see your treasure chest of authentic gold. It is time to share, connect, and dance in the language of higher love. There is a lot of activity in the sign of Gemini this week as Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the Sun are all moving through this air sign of communication.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter over the next day or two activating the chance to see and understand the bigger picture. It can be a great time to get a bird`s eye view of a situation. It is also a great time to take your big ideas and work creatively with them as The Sun and Venus conjunction highlights creativity in all its forms – find your heart song and sing it, dance it, and share it.

The Moon moves through Taurus today as it prepares for the imminent Gemini new Moon on 6/6/24. Use this time to release the outdated ideas, blocks, fears, and worries distorting your clarity and vision. Use the Gemini New Moon to clearly communicate your intention for the month.

Mars moves out of Aries on 9/6/24 into the slower energy of Taurus. From spending the month speeding through Aries to suddenly moving onto the gravel roads of Taurus, you need to gear down and focus on the practical matters that require time and a clear strategy to help things move forward.

That is all for now. If you need a reading or a coaching session, I am back in working mode, just message me to make an appointment. I will share the dates for new workshops as soon as I have finalized the best times to run them. The three upcoming ones will be:

  • Process Art – a morning of playing through creative processes.
  • Transformation Workshop – a morning of deep diving into clearing and understanding the FEAR and CONTROL patterns – working with cards, coaching skills, and Astrology tools.
  • Unleashing your inner child – through guided meditation, storytelling, story sharing, and other creative processes.
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