I wrote the daily horoscope for Women 24 from 2014-2020. I now write the horoscopes for The Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

I love writing and it is a medium that works well for me as I can get all my thoughts and ideas into a structured format. I am open to freelance writing and I will be blogging weekly to keep you updated with the current energy forecast.

I also offer individual write ups for those that want their chart or their child`s chart in a written form. This works particularly well for a child`s chart and can make a great gift both for you and for your child later when they are old enough to read their own story. From personal experience and from feedback, a write up is very valuable to work with as a child grows into their chart and some of the characteristics that I may bring up in the readings may only really surface a little later on their journey into adulthood.

I am in the process of writing and illustrating an Astrology series for children. Watch this space.

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