1 hour consultation plus recording.

A Birth Chart reading can be done for any age, but can be specifically insightful for understanding yourself as well as understanding your children or family. (Please message me your time, date and place of birth prior to our appointment so that I can calculate the chart)



1.5 hour consultation plus recording.

A Full reading consists of a birth chart analysis plus transits, solar return, progressions and other methods to work with current information that can guide you into making important decisions or get deeper insight in specific areas of your life at this point in time. (An accurate time, date and place of birth are needed to create these charts, plus any pressing questions or key area of focus and send it to me prior to our appointment)



1 hour consultation plus recording.

This consists of a Solar return and current transits that can give you insight and a timeline for the year. This reading can also focus on specific areas or questions.



Half hour consultation plus recording.

If you are not sure you need a full reading and you would like to get an idea of how Astrology works, or you just want to know your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs, then this reading can give you an idea of the three key elements in your chart that show how you express yourself to the world.



for 30 minutes and $50 for an hour session

Cards can be great for specific questions. I also use them understanding the flow of where you are presently and how things are moving forward. I use my Astrology cards as a standard base reading and then add them in with other cards such as Osho Zen cards, Animal medicine cards, Arche type cards depending on what the client needs.



1 hour consultation plus recording.

This consists of a Solar return and current transits that can give you insight and a timeline for the year. This reading can also focus on specific areas or questions.

Other readings I offer are:

  • Family insight readings which actually is a process and an investment into first understanding your individual charts, and then doing an overlay to see how to work more consciously with the different temperaments and dynamics within the family.
  • Insight Coaching – Sometimes one reading is not enough and a few sessions of working consciously with the tools I offer to help you stay conscious and aware of the reactive patterns and sabotage loops that can trip you up. These sessions are interactive and rely quite heavily on logging your emotions and patterns that come up and then working together we can find ways to help you feel more empowered and ready to face the challenges of life.

HEALING THROUGH ART – connecting to your inner child through process art activities.

Art therapy has been something I have wanted to do as my profession since I was a child. I have taken the long road to consolidate my many skills such as art (Fine art and illustration diploma and 20 years illustrating free lance), coaching, counseling, teaching and astrology.

A one on one session is 2 hours long and we start with an update of where you are at through interactive conversation and a brief overview of your chart to see what transits may be triggering you at the moment. We then move into a guided story meditation that connects you to your inner child and your imagination. This then leads into a process art activity.

My own personal experience of process art as a medium to release emotions and work through deep set patterns has led me to wanting to share this form of healing with others. I will be offering one on one option as well as a group class which will be held on Friday mornings.

I am also available to collaborate with other healers and offer this on retreats.


To make a booking, please call Anya directly on 076 882 2838 or use the WhatsApp link at the bottom of this page.


EFT or Paypal or PayFast.

Message me for South African rates and specials for regulars.

Family discount on kid`s charts if you are doing a family reading.

Important info in order to do an Astrology reading

Calculating a chart takes time. I need at least a day`s notice to get the charts ready for a reading/ consultation.

Calculating a chart works on time and space similar to a compass or navigational directions. I need an accurate TIME, DATE, and PLACE of birth. If you don`t have an accurate time I will need key events from your past to work on rectifying the chart.

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