When you intuitively feel you need one:  Any time can work, as it is insight, and it can help to affirm and navigate your way forward when you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or confused. 

There are significant turning points that can be great to have a reading:

Just before school-going age: To help you find the right school setting for your child`s unique personality.

Just before high school: This can also be a great time as there can be so many changes that occur both physically and emotionally. (This is also usually the last chance a parent can come for a child`s reading, because as a teenager this can be a sensitive area for them to discover things for themselves).

Just before or after completing school: Around the age of 18. This can be a powerful time of affirmation and inspiration as you embark on your journey into adulthood. This is when I had my first Reading and it still stands out as one of the best things I ever did for myself. It gave me the answers to a lot of questions that had been spinning around in my mind through my teenage years. It also helped me to own my authenticity and realize it is okay to be me.

Saturn Return time (27-30): Anytime in your 20`s is a great time to have a reading if you haven`t had one yet, but very often it is around your late 20`s that life starts to test you and push you into taking life more seriously, so this is a time where having a Reading can help you to step into your commitments with a sense of clarity and purpose.

Midlife “transition” (40-45): The 30`s do have pivotal times such as the Jupiter return (35 -37) which can be a chance to shift gear and focus on something more authentic, but it is around 42-45 that life turns the intensity on quite high and I do find a lot of my clients are in this age bracket. It is a turning point at which you no longer can just play a role if it is not part of your life journey. This is a time where there may be job changes, separations, relocating, restudying, etc.

The best answer to this question is: Come when you intuitively feel you need some guidance to help you back on track.

This is a tricky one, because place(space) and time are a crucial part of mapping the chart. However, there are ways around this but it takes time and work between myself and you to find the missing pieces. I work with rectification which is about taking significant events in your life such as: accidents, illness, births, weddings, divorce, deaths, major job changes, major moves, etc.

I also work intuitively and I like to get the information I receive from a Kinesiologist that works with muscle testing – the body stores information and she is brilliant at finding the time through this method.

No. I work with the parent/guardian. The information at this point is more helpful for the parent. However, if the child is old enough and feels ready to want to understand their chart then they come for their reading.

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