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I first got interested in astrology in my teens and had my first reading with Rod Suskin at the age of 18. This was a turning point for me and a chance to really connect to my own authentic journey in a conscious way. It switched on the light to the language of astrology and I started studying with Rod Suskin in 1993 when I was 19 years old. I continued to use and study astrology right through my 20`s and 30`s and at the age of 34 – just before my Jupiter return, I felt the urge to take my astrology to the next level. I re studied Rod Suskin`s 3 year Astrology course and I have been working as a professional Astrologer since 2010.

I specialise in life navigational work with individuals and families. My style is sensitive, intuitive, practical, grounded and insightful.

  • I do individual birth chart readings
  • Current year/Solar return readings
  • Children and family readings
  • Insight coaching and card readings
  • Workshops



(PayPal $100)

1.5 hour consultation plus recording.

A Full reading consists of a birth chart analysis plus transits, solar return, progressions and other methods to work with current information that can guide you into making important decisions or get deeper insight in specific areas of your life at this point in time.



(PayPal $80)

1 hour consultation plus recording.

A Birth Chart reading can be done for any age, but can be specifically insightful for understanding yourself as well as understanding your children or family.



(PayPal $80)

1 hour consultation plus recording.

This consists of a Solar return and current transits that can give you insight and a timeline for the year. This reading can also focus on specific areas or questions.

If it is a first time session with me you need to do the full reading first because I work with the birth chart in collaboration with the current charts.



(PayPal $50)

Half hour consultation plus recording.

If you are not sure you need a full reading and you would like to get an idea of how Astrology works, or you just want to know your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs, then this reading can give you an idea of the three key elements in your chart that show how you express yourself to the world.



(PayPal $50)

for 30 minutes and $80 for an hour session

Cards can be great for specific questions. I also use them understanding the flow of where you are presently and how things are moving forward. I use my Astrology cards as a standard base reading and then add them in with other cards such as Osho Zen cards, Animal medicine cards, Arche type cards depending on what the client needs.


These workshops are just a morning (3 hours) and can be tailored to what you and your group want to learn. It can be a morning of questions, transits, the Moon phases or a mix of astrology and cards. It is a great way to get a mini reading and get to know how I work. I am a mobile astrologer, so these workshops can be held at my studio or at a venue in your area.


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