& Classes

& Classes


I will be running a new Moon workshop next week. The 2/3/22 slot is already full, so I am opening up the 1st/3/22 for those that wish to get the latest information on the current planetary alignments as well as looking at creating a conscious intention for the Month ahead with the New Moon. I will post the information on my website or you can contact me via DM or email or WhatsApp.

TUITION - $40 per session

I offer one on one tuition. This is an hour lesson on Zoom and I can teach you at the level you are at and give you some practical tools and visual diagrams to help you grasp the many layers of Astrology and find practical ways to remember the information.


I will be starting group classes this year focusing on the foundation to intermediate level of Astrology. This will be 90 minute Zoom sessions. (Price still to be confirmed depending on numbers).


This is a 4 session (once a week) workshop focusing on the Moon. This workshop focuses on:

  • The phases of the Moon,
  • The Moon through the signs
  • The Moon through the houses
  • The Moon transiting your own chart and how to read the monthly Moon rhythm to work for you.


(minimum 5 people – max 10)

These workshops are just a morning (3 hours) and can be tailored to what you and your group want to learn. It can be a morning of questions, transits, the Moon phases or a mix of astrology and cards. It is a great way to get a mini reading and get to know how I work. I am a mobile astrologer, so these workshops can be held at my studio or at a venue in your area.


Price is per session with all art material included. Fridays and option for weekend classes too.

This is a lovely way to connect to astrology through creative activities such as:

  • Soul Bowl painting – Painting a planet or element on a bowl or cup.
  • Painting the energy of the planets – this is an exciting way of exploring different paint techniques as well as understanding the contrast of certain planets and how to find the dance that works.
  • Visual story – this is a great one for children where I can give a creative and colorful way for children to grasp the foundation level of the planets and the signs.

I am open to offering these workshops at schools or cottage schools as a workshop or subject.

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