& Classes

& Classes

Deep Luna Workshop

The Moon study can give you a new understanding of how to work more intuitively with your own needs as well as how to work with others. The exercise of this workshop is to observe your emotional reactions, habits, rhythms, as well as the energy you feel from the Moon as it moves through the phases and the signs. It will also give you a crash course in the foundation layer of astrology from the signs, aspects and houses. . This workshop can activate a conscious exercise that can help you to maintain a more authentic balance between your inner needs and your external obligations by understanding the 4 basic layers of the Moons movement through the 28 day cycle.

Week 1: Phases of the Moon (new Moon)

Week 2: Moon through the signs (1/4 Moon waxing)

Week 3: Moon through the Houses (Full Moon)

Week 4: Moon transiting your own chart (1/4 Moon waning)

Week 5: Bringing the month insights to a close and reflecting on it and preparing for the New Moon.

Email or message me for more details.

Foundation Astrology Course

This is a practical and visual approach to understanding the layers of Astrology using Astrology cards, keywords and visual stories to remember things and bring in the layers to understand how to look at a birth chart without feeling completely overwhelmed or confused by too much information.

This is an 8 session Online course focussing on:

  • Signs
  • Planets
  • Elements and qualities
  • Houses
  • Aspects
  • Dignity and receptivity and how the planets act in different signs
  • Generational planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and how they affect you personally and your generation as well as looking at the global perspective
  • Putting all the layers together and looking at your own chart

Time frame: 2 hours

Email or message me for more details.

A testimonial from one of my students: “Thank you Anya for your astrology classes. You make difficult concepts easy to understand with your beautiful metaphors and your years of experience just add an extra layer that you cannot find by reading astrology books or google. Thank you for making learning astrology fun and for all your patience teaching me.”


I am available to share my Astro insights in your area either in a private home environment as in Astro parties or at a local restaurant.

 I am also available to collaborate on retreats with my Moon workshop and art therapy.

I can facilitate or work with teenage girls on coming of age camps or just holiday workshops

I am currently doing an Astro Soul Food evening once a month on a Tuesday evening (around the Full Moon phase) at the Cone Collection in Kommetjie.

This ambient and cosy setting allows for people to connect and enjoy a delicious bowl of soup and leave with some inspiration and insight.  (See poster for more details)


I offer one on one or group sessions to work through the foundation phases of astrology. My approach is practical, visual and step by step.

Price: R400 per session (one hour) or $40. Group zoom sessions price will differ depending on the number of students.


I will be starting group classes this year focusing on the foundation to intermediate level of Astrology. This will be 90 minute Zoom sessions. (Price still to be confirmed depending on numbers).


Price is per session with all art material included. Fridays and option for weekend classes too.

This is a lovely way to connect to astrology through creative activities such as:

  • Soul Bowl painting – Painting a planet or element on a bowl or cup.
  • Painting the energy of the planets – this is an exciting way of exploring different paint techniques as well as understanding the contrast of certain planets and how to find the dance that works.
  • Visual story – this is a great one for children where I can give a creative and colorful way for children to grasp the foundation level of the planets and the signs.

I am open to offering these workshops at schools or cottage schools as a workshop or subject.

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