Breaking Open

So much is going on! We have just gone through an eclipse period between the Lunar eclipse at Full Moon on the 25th of March through to the Solar eclipse at the New Moon on the 8th of April which has been bringing the imbalances to the surface and pushing us to do the inner work of shifting things from a personal and global angle.

We are also in a Mercury retrograde period from 1st- 25th of April which is a time of reconnection, restarting, or in some cases collecting what we have and preparing to move forward. If you are struggling to launch something or get yourself heard on something new, it is because right now is not the time to leap ahead.

This can happen once Mercury starts to move direct again at the end of the month. Use this time to remind, resend, reread the fine print, and gather things together.

Mars the planet of movement has also been in a conjunction with Saturn which is slow and restrictive, which emphasizes further the need to be patient and consolidate things. Once Mars moves into Aries from the beginning of May, the flow of movement can be more assertive and directive.

The BIG transit to catch right now is the Jupiter conjunct Uranus which starts today and will be very intense energetically until the end of the month. Jupiter is expansive and opens doors of opportunity, and Uranus works with the element of surprise and changes things up from the area you were not expecting pushing us to change our footing or our perspective.

This conjunction could bring up a variety of things – it is in the sign of Taurus which is an earth sign, so it could be a natural change such as a nature/ natural disruption…. Or a change that forces us to put our focus on that rather than the things we have been preoccupied with. It could be a change of value/money that pushes us to re-evaluate on certain things. The feeling I am getting is it is opening us up to seeing things in a new light and this may need to come from a disruption, a surprise, or a change that “wakes us up” and changes things for the bigger picture. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but ultimately this is for the greater good.

As you can see in the chart example, all the planets are still clustered together in Pisces, Aries, and Taurus, so the energy is still intense and overwhelming, so be gentle and present and if in doubt, pause, drop back into yourself, and connect to your intuitive response or feeling before rushing in.

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