Cancer New Moon

We are deep into the mid-winter “feels” of doing the introspective work in the Southern hemisphere and personally, I find the Cancer New Moon is the heart of it as it works with truly understanding those big emotions and reactions we are feeling at the moment.

Cancer is the sign that tends to be described as “moody.”A bit like the winter rains and then beautiful days in between when the sun shines… The reactive quality to the energy at present is a mixture between the over-sensitive Cancer planets (Sun, Venus, and Mercury) and Mars in Taurus that can create forceful, impatient frustrated emotions where if you push too hard you will feel it as there tends to be obstacles that stop you in your tracks – and force you to deal with things in the present.

Quite a few planets are starting their annual retrograde journeys – Pluto is doing its last visit back to Capricorn to seal a few unfinished business deals and lay to rest the old contracts that no longer serve you. This can feel uncomfortable and it may feel like old issues come back that you thought were finished. It is painstaking and frustrating but you are so close to the finish line as you chip, chip away through the tunnel towards the light on the other side. Very often it is the hardest just before the end as you are tired and impatient for results. Pace yourself through this period, because this is a key part of the bigger picture and once the groundwork has been completed you can then embrace the new chapter with so much more confidence, experience, gratitude, and liberation.

There is a dance between the “surreal” energies of Neptune and the “real” energies of Saturn as one dances beyond in the arena of spirit and imagination, and the other works hard to create the structures and the foundations to build these dreams on. Both planets are going retrograde now in the sign of Pisces which can be a period of revisiting your ideas and dreams, and seeing what tools or forms of support you need to manifest this dream.

That wraps up the main areas of focus for this week. I find the Cancer New Moon a pertinent time to dig deep and reflect on those deeper emotions that keep popping up as this is the area where you can set an intention for the New Moon and look at what your soul is really yearning for and how can you release certain things to make space for this dream to manifest, even if this is just the seed planting part of this process.

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