New moon in Pisces

After a month of strong Aquarius energy, the focus is moving more into the Pisces realm as the Sun shines light here and has been connecting with the energies of Saturn and Mercury. Last Wednesday we had the Kazimi energy of Sun, Mercury, and Saturn on the same degree in Pisces which added an opportunity to access some imaginative ideas that may need to be worked on.

The Moon will be transiting most of the planets over the next week as it moves through the last phase and prepares for the New Moon on the 10th of March. Mercury will conjunct Neptune over this period too which emphasizes a strong dreamy, imaginative energy that is great for creativity, imagination, retreats, spiritual work, and intuition, but not that easy to focus on rational matters such as admin, clear conversations – communication can get lost in translation if you are trying to make sense on a rational level. So don`t just assume – ask again if you need clarity.

Workshops this month are: The Process Art workshop which I have two classes, one for those that can make Friday the 8th March in the afternoon (there are still a few spaces available), or Saturday morning 9th March (also a few spaces still available).

I will be doing another transformation (Pluto work) workshop around the eclipse period, but with all the long weekends and Easter coming up, I have not secured a date yet. If you are keen send me a message and I will put you on the list for the next one.

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