Virgo Full Moon

The Sun has just moved into Pisces shining light on your dreams. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and a time of completion as you prepare for a new seasonal cycle. You can liken it to the dream state just before you wake up. Use this time to tap into your dreams, visions, intuition, and creative ideas and play with them until you find that AHA moment of clarity when the idea starts to work in a fun and inspiring way.

The energies are intense at the moment with all the planetary energy clustered together.

Pluto, Mars and Venus are conjunct in Aquarius – enhancing the transformation process which can be a little uncomfortable, shocking and unexpected for some and part of the deeper shadow work process of being pushed and fine tuned into where you are meant to navigate your energy into.

The Sun is moving into a conjunction with Saturn next week shining light on the foundation structures to start manifesting those seeds of creative ideas. And create the building blocks to support your journey towards your higher goals and aspirations.

The Full Moon is on the 24th of February and it will be in the sign of Virgo, enhancing the need to fine-tune a few things on the mundane level, shining light on the finer details, and releasing what no longer is serving us as the Moon starts its waning two weeks just after the Full Moon Phase. Ask yourself what needs to go to make space for your dreams to come in? Look at this as a spring cleaning point both on an emotional and physical level.

There are no planets in retrograde at the moment, so there is a forward-moving flow at play.

All the planets apart from the Moon are situated in three signs – Aquarius, Pisces, and Taurus. These areas will be enhanced and if you have a chart with these signs, you will feel an extra level of energy or intensity as they push you toward your higher purpose, triggering, nudging, and encouraging you in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. The Pluto transit will definitely be felt as it tends to shock us awake if we are ignoring the signs.

Let`s use this Virgo Full Moon to align ourselves with our dreams and use this time to let go of old habits, old stories, and old patterns that no longer serve us and make space for some fun-filled, light-filled new energy to dance with.

I will be holding another Pluto transformation workshop just before the New Moon in early March – I will send a flyer with exact details. I will also be facilitating a holding a Process art workshop next Friday afternoon and for those who can`t make the Friday one I will e doing another one on Saturday morning.

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