Aquarius New Moon

We have reached the end of another Moon cycle. It is time to release what needs to go and find the time to quietly reflect on your heartfelt intention for the coming month. The energy is intense as most of the planets are sitting close together in the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, and by mid-February, we will have 5 planets in Aquarius for a few days. This Aquarius New Moon highlights the need to focus on your innovative ideas and how to collaborate, integrate, and participate within the greater collective and the community. It is also the start of the year of the dragon in Chinese Astrology. Fierce, fiery, and powerful with an otherworldly energy to it.

Pluto in Aquarius has definitely intensified things on many levels. It feels like a quickening, a surge of energy that is pushing us to complete things, release things, transform things, and start things. Now is not the time to sit back and wait. It is not the time to just tolerate or suffer in silence hoping that someone else will fix things. Now is the time to set a clear intention, and start pushing yourself into the driver`s seat, and steer yourself where you know you need to go.

As the personal planets (Mercury, Mars, and Venus) conjunct this new Aquarius Pluto energy over the next two weeks, we will start to feel the quickening and the power surges as things start to be shaken up. As uncomfortable as this may seem, this death/rebirth energy can transform what needs to go, creating space for new powerful energy to come in. This is a very exciting time actually.

Let`s look at the flow from a planetary perspective.

  • 5th Feb Mercury conjuncts Pluto. Mercury is the planet of communication. This is a time when the power of speech can be pivotal. Breaking the silence, exposing things, and speaking out are just some examples of this duo. The power of the word. The power of the voice – speaking up, speaking out. The power of the innovative idea.
  • 13th Feb Mars conjuncts Pluto. Mars is the planet of energy, drive assertion. This combo is feisty and explosive. This can break down, breakthrough, or push through things that may have been stuck, blocked, or stagnant. This combination can be destructive, but also rejuvenating if used consciously. The power of action.
  • 17th Feb Venus conjuncts Pluto which could be linked to the outcome of what Mars pushes up or exposes. Venus represents value, money, and receptivity. The power of attraction. The power of receptivity.

So energetically the next two weeks will be intense and busy with an element of power, transformation, and new beginnings. The groundwork we do now will be part of the greater changes that will be happening around April.

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