Aquarius Time

The conjunction between Mars and Mercury this week can be feisty, impulsive and impatient if we let our reactive impulses rule. It can also be a great time to set an intention and communicate it.

Other planetary changes for this month are:

  • Venus joins Mars and Mercury in Capricorn from the 23rd Jan
  • Mercury forms a conjunction with Mars between 25 – 30 Jan
  • Uranus goes direct from the 27 Jan pushing the change energy into a forward moving flow.

Wishing you all a beautiful new week and may this bright Full Moon illuminate the passion inside you and move you to dance, create, love, and share in some beautiful and authentic way. We are the light. Let’s shine together.

Good sparkly day to you! Just a little reminder that I am having my illustration exhibition and the Book launch for bits in a basket this Saturday at Eat Surf Yoga studio from 3pm.

So Jupiter has finally moved into Pisces for a brief reconnection to its own sign. This can be a chance to revisit those dreams you have and ask the universe for what you need. Allow yourself the chance to believe and throw some wishes out into the starlit sky.

This can be a creative and imaginative time where thought and imagination can connect as Venus and Mercury dance together in the versatile sign of Gemini.  There is a lovely combination of reaching for the branches of ideas and opportunities (Venus and Mercury in an air sign) whilst still focusing on the roots and ground that support you (Sun still in Taurus for a few more days).

The Moon journey this week starts with playful Leo – encouraging you to play, create and laugh out loud. Watch out for triggers to pride and the desire for recognition that can distort the natural flow of things. By the 20th May the Virgo Moon reminds us to clean up after the party and re find the inner order that helps us stay in our own lane and finally the weekend will be one where we can connect and socialize with the beautiful Libra Moon which also reminds us to keep things in balance.

That’s all for now. I will catch up with more star energy news next week. I hope you all have a beautiful and connected week full of new inspiration, new doors to open and new energy to dance in. Lets rock the Jupiter energy while it is shining strongly.

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