Out with the old, in with the new

A New Moon, a New Year, and a new chapter are moving in with a burst of fresh air.

Anything new comes with an air of apprehension as we step into unknown territory. Also, the old order is not all that ready to step down and will push up with fear-mongering, last-minute pressure, and manipulation trying to keep you on this side of the river.
The next decade or two will be the stepping stone bridge across a very wide and fast-flowing river. It is time to make this crossing and there are many signs that many of us are ready to step into the deeper waters and move towards this new and innovative chapter.

Starting with the New Moon which is a starting point for setting your intentions for the month and in this case for the year too as Capricorn creates the energy of strategy and structure to help set the foundation building blocks into place.

The underlying theme that has been triggering us all on some level has been about facing our fear and finding the courage to move into this new chapter with a more connected focus on how to stay more authentic in the roles you are currently playing. There has been a collective purging of roles that no longer serve you and a group collective energy of embracing healing modalities, creative groups, and other uplifting and connecting formats in person and online that are combining us together as a collective and helping us to find the courage and the expression to share from your deep authentic resources.
I will be running more online and in-person group work where we can connect, interact, and learn. It is time for us to hold hands and make the circle bigger as we move into the transformation energy in the sign of Aquarius.

Pluto moving into Aquarius will open up new airwaves for us to share our power, for us to be the collective voice. It is the time for the community to stand together and step in. Pluto will be opposite Leo which will create a powerful opposition for the dictators, kings, and authority that wants to control us.

Now is not the time to be controlled by our fears, or settle for what we know. It is the time to find the courage, to find the support and tools that can give us the strength, insight, confidence, and support to take this important collective step forward.

I will be doing another insight talk on Monday evening the 22nd Jan, a Zoom group session on Thursday evening 25th Jan and on the 9 February for the Aquarius New Moon and the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. More information to follow.

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