Scorpio New Moon

This New Moon in Scorpio gets intensified as the Sun and Moon conjunct Mars and oppose Uranus in Taurus. The opposition adds an unsettling and surprise-like element, possibly an eruptive or erratic undercurrent that pushes up to face you. This does not necessarily have to be negative. This is a time of releasing and transforming so that new energy can come in and sometimes if there has been resistance this may come as a surprise.

This combination can feel uncomfortable, but works well for transformation work as it pushes the stubborn and stuck obstacles out forcing us to deal with the changes whether we are ready or not. The Phoenix doesn`t just rise it gets burnt to ashes and transforms. The feeling of endings, completion, and release are strong and Scorpio works through intensity. As we go through the eye of the needle, use this time to set clear intentions that can help you to find the courage to push into the new with a sense of purpose, focus, and courage.

Saturn and Pluto are out of retrograde and it is time now to take the lessons and the experiences you have been working on over the past few months and direct them into a forward-moving plan.

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