New Moon, New Beginnings

The Virgo new Moon is like the beginning of Spring for the southern hemisphere. The equinox energy of surging tides washes everything clean and the strong theme of order and chaos gets pushed to the surface to be witnessed. Mercury was stationary this weekend as it slowly starts to move direct again after a three-week stint in quite a profound and pivotal relooking session it just did in Virgo. Re-analyzing the finer details to see what is working and what needs to go. Virgo is all about finding your own order, releasing the clutter and finding your path through clarity and simplicity. We tend to get lost in the external chaos and forget that the order starts from within. Pausing for a moment and observing without judgment can be the first point of taking responsibility for yourself and shifting the old stories that inhibit the growth and the flow that can help you to move forward.

Embrace the new beginnings of this new energy and plant that significant seed of intention.

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