Inner Peace – Inner Order

Tonight, we will see the waning Moon with Venus as she starts her direct journey through the last degrees of Leo. The energies of love, creativity, passion and compassion are strong.

The Moon will move into its last phase over the next two days where the focus is about releasing and completing things. It is a great time for an inner and outer spring clean.

The Virgo new Moon on the 14-15 September is a great time to plant those seeds of intention linked to your own inner order. This can be regulating your rhythm between mind, body and spiritual regime and your work, rest and play rhythm may also need some fine tuning to help you find a more balanced flow.

The general undercurrent energy is still very internal as the majority of the planets are in retrograde. Mercury will go direct later this week around the 15-16 September.

Use the Virgo energy to fine tune what needs to be regulated, but don`t sweat the small stuff or make mountains out of mole hills. Simplicity and clarity are the focal points to work with right now.

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