Full Moon in Pisces

The Sun has just moved into the sign of Virgo shining light on the areas in your life that may need some ordering and sorting and tidying up. This falls into a strong retrograde period of reflecting, rebooting, re doing and all the other RE things you can do over a retrograde period. It is a time to reflect on things and internalize them so that you can consciously shift things to work more effectively for you when the energy goes direct again.

I have started to notice that my work definitely slows down over a retrograde period. I used to panic and try extra hard to get out there… now I see the pattern and work with the energy of focusing on the work that needs to be relooked at and worked on that I have shelved over my busy periods. Right now the book I have been working on is a great retrograde project to focus on and finish.

The sensitive energy of the Pisces full Moon will shine light on your mundane areas of your life. Where are you escaping? What has become overwhelming? What is creating chaos? How can you bring in your dreams and creative ideas into your work and recreational rhythm of your mundane rhythm? The Super Moon will enhance the emotions and reactions and on top of that the misunderstandings that can happen during a Mercury retrograde may exacerbate things. Use the Virgo Sun energy to spring clean, and simplify things to help you connect to the significant things without the clutter. The Full Moon connects with the energy of Saturn in Pisces which adds an extra emphasis on doing the hard work to make your dreams a reality. Let go of the excuses, the procrastination and the other idealistic plans that are always too perfect to actually fit into the imperfection of the present.

The focus right now for the Virgo Pisces Full moon, is: Don`t wait until it is the perfect time, rather make the time perfect by making it happen and working step by step towards the goal you are wanting to attain. We have been fooled to believe we can have instant and perfect at the same time…. This is not possible. Good things take time. The most important thing is to start.  

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