Spring Clean

We are coming to the end of the Leo month and preparing to enter the month of Virgo that focuses on finding some order out of the chaos.

In the southern hemisphere Spring is starting to show itself through the baby animals being born and the fields of color of the flowers. I had the chance to hike through the flowers in the West coast national park last weekend and the colors and the variety of flowers this year is just next level beautiful!

This year the Virgo month has an extra strong Retrograde energy with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the nodes and Chiron all in retrograde at some point. Retrograde energy is more internalized, and it is a time of re looking at things to re start, reboot and prepare things, so that when the planetary energy moves direct again, you have the clarity, and the tools to move in with a sense of purpose. This is a great time to do the inner and outer spring clean that can help to release some of the confusion, chaos and entanglements that may still be getting in the way of the flow.

Here are some dates of planetary changes:

  • Sun moves into Virgo = 23/8/23
  • Mercury Retrograde = 23/8/23 – 16/9/23
  • Full Moon in Pisces = 31/8/23
  • Venus goes direct 4/9/23
  • Jupiter goes Retrograde 4/9/23


The focus for this week is: Simplicity, clarity and connection.

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