Reflection – Reconnection

We are heading towards the New Moon in Leo which is a power house of creativity and passion with Venus, the Sun and the Moon conjunct in Leo on 16 August. The intentions you can set for this New Moon will not only be about reconnection to your creativity and passion, but also a time to reflect on many areas that may need some relooking at. We are moving into a strong Retrograde period where 6 planets will be in retrograde.

Venus = Retrograde 23/7 – 4/9  in Leo = This is a time to reflect on your deeper values. The chance to re evaluate what is important to you and shift patterns that may have inhibited you on a value level. Tap into your passion and creativity and open those doors while Venus is still in Leo, because once she  moves into Virgo the energies will be more critical and analytical.

Mercury goes retrograde 24/8 – 16/9 in Virgo. This is a time to relook at the thought patterns or stories you are telling yourself and see how they are helping or hindering you. It is a great time to shift old thought patterns and find healthy new insights and regimes to work.

Jupiter will go retrograde in Taurus the day Venus finishes her retrograde on the 4/9. Jupiter`s retrograde will give you a chance to look at the bigger picture and see what may need to be re worked before you can move into new opportunities and ventures. Jupiter`s energy is about understanding the bigger picture and when it retrogrades it is a more internal process of understanding where you are at so that when it moves direct again you are ready to embrace the opportunities that may come your way.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 28/8. This is a time to look at the changes that are happening and see where you can renovate or shift stuck patterns to help things to flow more freely.

Saturn has been retrograde since mid June and will stay retrograde until early November. Saturn`s energy is about responsibility. The retrograde will make you relook at how you are working this area and where you may be resisting the work. This is a great time to renovate the old structures and add new structures to support where you are heading to.

Pluto has been retrograde since early May and will stay retrograde until 10/10. Pluto`s energy is about transforming and evolving through eliminating what needs to go and making space for new things to grow. The retrograde period will be a more internal process of releasing the fear and control patterns that may inhibit the transformation process.

As you can see there is a lot of internal energetic work over the next month or two. Planets are also close together, like Mars and Mercury in Virgo which can enhance a feisty and exhilarated thought process, conversations or debates. It can be a great time to tackle projects that require energy and thought.

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus enhance the need to look at the value systems and things that make us feel secure. Things may start shifting in the time they go retrograde and the results may only be seen later in April next year when they conjunct in Taurus.

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