Colour Full

We have moved into Leo season – the month where we can reconnect to our playfulness, our creativity and passion. The sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, so use this month to radiate your light. Do the things that make you feel alive and passionate. Connect to your inner child that is bursting to play and laugh and run free.

Use the retrograding Venus as a chance to dig out those unfinished masterpieces, stories that need a new fresh breath of life, or creative ideas you have been meaning to get to.

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 1st of August will shine light on the connection between finding your authentic flair and connecting it within the community. The visual that comes to mind with the combination of Leo and Aquarius is – a star on its own can only shine so brightly, but when it is in a galaxy connecting with the other stars its light can be fulfilled on a far greater scale.

Other planetary shifts are: Mercury and Mars are leaving the graceful Venus to dance in the Leo vibrancy and they are now in the analytical and order focused sign of Virgo. The conjunction between Mars and Mercury can intensify debates and discussions. The opposition to Saturn may challenge you to find a constructive way through rather than jumping to conclusions or storming out in a dramatic way. The Moon is out of bounds which can magnify emotions and with no air element at the moment, it is easy to get too close to things and then struggle to see the objective view. Taking a step back and observing can cool things down somewhat and help you to see the bird`s eye view which may give you a different perspective to work with.

Tools to work with are: Play creatively, take a deep breathe in and out when things get too intense or overwhelming, pause before leaping in, dance together, laugh lots.

Have a stunning and inspiring week.

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