Cancer New Moon

There is a micro and a macro theme at play. On the micro level we have the Cancer New Moon which is the time to connect to your inner needs and set an intention that connects to your needs for the month. It may be that your schedule is too demanding, and the external roles and obligations have taken over and left you with no free time or energy.

On a macro level this new Moon fits into the bigger theme we have been working on this year which is the transformation work and the key player being Pluto. Pluto moved into Aquarius briefly and gave us a taster of what is to come and now has retrograded back to the last degree of Capricorn where we are being encouraged (whether we like it or not) to face our fears and find ways to release old habits and patterns that no longer serve us. This shadow work is coupled with the Moon nodes (also known as the shadows of the Moon). The nodes spend approx. 18 months in a sign and the past 18 months they were in Taurus and Scorpio pushing up the shadow areas linked to power, control and values. Now that the Nodes have changed sign today and will spend the next 18 months in the signs of Aries and Libra. The theme here will be about identity and relationships. The nodes will push us to see how to balance between independence and working as a unit. Pluto will play a part in this as it churns things up and makes us look at them in new ways.

So, going back to the part of the New Moon in this picture as it opposes Pluto and squares the nodes is… brings up the pertinent question to ourselves that we may ask every now and then… “Who am I? Who really am I?”

The Moons phases every month bring up the reactions and emotions that push us to work more intuitively and look at where our roles are not authentically working for our soul journey. The answer to the question is based on finding the balance between your external obligations and feeding your inner needs so that you feel aligned both to serving others and to serving yourself for your highest good.
Other astrological changes are: Venus goes retrograde on the 22nd July for approx. 6 weeks.

This can be a time of reevaluating your value systems, reconnecting to your creative flare, re doing certain projects to bring back the creative flow, reconnections to past lovers, girl friends or connections of value. Money you leant may come back to you or you may be able to pay back your loans. Use this time to reactivate the flow between giving and receiving, your creative flow and the passion that brings back that smile to your face and the sparkle in your eyes. Play, laugh, sing, dance and enjoy the moment you are in.

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