Finding your Balance

Albert Einstein`s quote reminds us that balance is not always a stationary process… Life moves and we need to move with it.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein
We are accelerating into the busy last quarter of the year. The. Aries Full Moon highlighted the areas we need to shift to find our own inner balance with our key relationships such as the relationships to our partners, parents, children, work or significant friendships. Where are we giving too much in the need to be accepted, appreciated, recognized etc.

Where do we need to put up clear boundaries, assert ourselves positively and confidently and where should we sit back and allow for things to come to us…

This Libran dance is activated further by Mars in Libra opposite the North node in Aries magnifying the giving and receiving axis. We will be having a Solar eclipse in Libra on the 14th October which will highlight the shadow side to the more global dance of working together and where ones independent identity is necessary. Mars will move into Scorpio around this time too which will add a more intense and streamlined approach to how to direct your energy. In the meantime, with Mars in Libra, the indecision factor may wobble you into inertia as you 2nd guess and hesitate between the obligation to others or honoring your inner needs. Sometimes the happy medium is the answer.

Other astro changes:

  • Mercury moves out of Virgo into Libra on the 5 October
  • Venus moves out of her long stay in playful Leo into the more critical arena of Virgo on the 9 Oct
  • Mars moves out of the social fields Libra into Scorpio on 12 Oct
  • New Moon and Solar eclipse 14 Oct

This Eclipse will be the first of a series of Aries Libra Eclipses that have not been activated since 2004 as the North node moves through Aries and the South node in Libra, focusing on consciously finding the balance between our own independent identity and the connection to relating in an interdependent rather than codependent way.

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