May Day …

We are in the midst of an intense period where misunderstandings , transport issues and machine breakdowns are only part of the challenge… the other part is the intense shadow work that is pushing through as we navigate the last part of a two week Eclipse period.

So firstly eclipses are not random… we have them twice a year 6 months apart. They usually come in pairs – the solar eclipse at the New Moon and then the Lunar eclipse two weeks later at the Full Moon. Most of us focus on that date, and don`t realize that the shadow energy of the eclipse is doing its work from the New Moon to the Full Moon which is a two week period.

This eclipse period has been particularly intense due to nodes in Taurus and Scorpio (fixed signs = stuck and intense) squaring Pluto in Aquarius. This intensity focuses on challenges in the areas of power and value – this can be felt globally as well as on a personal level. The intensity of the shadow work seems to have come to a peek where there is no place to hide or park and the only way is to face it and work through it. We will feel it quite intensely on the 5th May with the Moon in Scorpio and the sun in Taurus. Pluto also stations today and prepares to go back for its last visit in Capricorn to do the ground work for the long journey in Aquarius from 2024.

Other planetary shifts: Mercury is still in retrograde (21/4 – 15/5) and it conjuncts the Sun today at 11` Taurus – look at the insights, ideas or communications you may have had over the past 3 weeks when Mercury was on this degree of Taurus (12/4/23) and will reconnect to this point for the 3rd time on the 27/5/23 as it prepares to conjunct Uranus in June where changes can start to happen now that the retrograde work has been completed.

  • Scorpio Full Moon (lunar eclipse) = 5/5/23
  • Mercury retrograde in Taurus = 21/4 -15/5/23
  • Pluto goes retrograde – 2/5/23
  • Venus moves into Cancer 8/5/23
  • Jupiter moves into Taurus 17/5/23
  • Mars moves into Leo and opposes Pluto in Aquarius 21/5/23

The Mars – Pluto opposition will be an intense aspect of challenges linked to power. They will also be squaring the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio and to add extra intensity this aspect will get magnified by Jupiter in Taurus – more on this closer to the time.

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