Ground Level

The Taurus New Moon today emphasizes the earth energy of needing to set intentions that support, secure and stabilize you as we move towards the Gemini month from the 21/5/23. Today we have a strong Taurus energy with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all in the sign of Taurus.

Mercury moves direct again in Taurus and we have the chance to take the information and the lessons we learnt in the three-week retrograde period and start to push in a forward moving direction towards the goals and the intentions we wish to see start growing. Jupiter has just entered Taurus which can help to expand and elevate the process.

I am curious to see how the T-square between 0`Leo Mars opposite 0`Aquarius Pluto and squaring Jupiter at 0` Taurus will bring to the surface. It is a fixed sign T square with explosive planetary energy with Jupiter magnifying this or escalating it to a grander scale. On a positive note this could be the tension that pushes us out of comfort zones and into action. This can also be a natural disaster or an explosion of sorts. This energy is strongest from 20 – 25/5.

So to wrap up this blog – use the energy of the New Moon to set some grounding intentions that can support you along the way. I feel honoured to be having my solar return on this New Moon and it feels apt as I release a lot of the old stories and patterns that no longer serve me and I embrace the new Moon energies with open arms and open heart.

Happy New Moon

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