Taurus Time

The Aries season is coming to a close and it is time to consolidate and structure things now as we enter the earth sign Taurus. We start Taurus off with a New Moon energy that actually is exact on the last degree of Aries before both the Sun and the Moon move into Taurus on the 20th.

This gives us a 2nd chance to look at our intentions we did at the last New Moon and push ourselves to really get the ball rolling if you have been procrastinating or stalling or waiting for the right time.

Taurus is all about strategy, structure and security. Look at how you can bring this into your month to support your needs, dreams and mundane rhythm. The motto for Taurus is patience and persistence. This does not mean stop, it just means you don`t have to rush or do everything in one go – one step at a time towards a soul goal.

Most of the Taurus month Mercury will be in retrograde 21/4-15/5. So the theme will be about relooking at your structures. Reassessing what is working or is not working and find strategies to shift things.

The partial eclipse not seen here but definitely felt both on the new Moon around 20-21/4 and Full Moon around 5/5 can be extra intense as the shadow work we have been forced to face comes up in various ways that can feel quite overwhelming as Pluto squares the nodes from its new position in Aquarius adding extra intensity. We are being pushed to face our fears and look at the areas we are still resisting.

Use the patience and persistence Taurus approach to stay in your lane and try not to wobble off by the external shadow challenges that are challenging us in various ways both personally as well globally.

Use today to release what needs to go so that you can bring in new energy and intentions with the New Moon and the new Sun sign.

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