Autumn Light

Autumn has kicked in. The temperature has dropped and the days are definitely getting shorter. The Sunsets and sunrises have that incredible intensity and colour. For me personally this is one of my favorite seasons.

From a planetary perspective we are still moving through the last part of Aries heading towards Taurus on the 20th April.


Jupiter is in a conjunction with the Sun at the moment adding an element of indulgence, expansion and in some cases an opportunity to move into something new. If you have done the prep work of releasing what needed to go before the equinox, you will find this period can be quite inspiring with new opportunities and adventures. If you are still holding on to things that are creating imbalance, Jupiter will magnify this and expose it to a place where you cannot escape, avoid or deny what is actually going on. The energy of Aries is hot and fast and Jupiter is expansive and big. So, this combination can really be something that grows quickly. This urgency and acute energy asks for attention. This may sound scary, but it is actually liberating. It brings new energy and flow into places that may have felt stuck and foggy.

Pluto has now moved into Aquarius opening the door to innovation, progression and collaborations. This is just a first glimpse of how things will be unfolding in the near future, but from June we will be back to the drawing board to see what still needs to be renovated to support the new structures that are needed for this new chapter. This can be on a personal or global level.

Venus has moved out of the comfortable terrain of Taurus and is high flying in Gemini for the next month. Communication, flattery, Flirting and charm are all par for the course with this airy Venus energy.

The New Moon this month is on the last degree of Aries which means we will have two chances to do Aries intentions this year. If you didn`t get started on the equinox… now is your chance to get the ball rolling before the Sun and the Moon move into Taurus by the 20 April.

Mercury is in Taurus pushing us to look at the practical matters that make things tick over. Patience and persistence is the motto for this energy. Avoid revving the Aries sun energy or leaping too quickly into needing instant gratification. Mercury will be going retrograde from the 21 April until mid-May.

That pretty much wraps up the energy forecast for the week. Wishing you all a blessed Autumn or Spring week.

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