New Beginnings: Phases and Seasons

Each month we have the new Moon where we have the chance to start on a new page and set an intention to work with.

Each Year at the Equinox (21/3) we start a new Sun cycle where we start a new Zodiac year where we can start to move out of hibernation into new growth and opportunity – in the northern hemisphere this is very obviously in the season too as it is spring, and for the southern hemisphere it is more figurative and internal yet still a point to work with. This year the equinox and the New Moon are almost on the same day depending which time zone you are in.

Aries is about initiating, and starting something with energy, spontaneity and determination. It is that seed that is pushing through and becoming the shoot, then the blossoming plant sharing your fruits of wisdom.

This year feels extra significant on the new beginning front. It is like the micro and the macro meet after a few big years of transition and change. This pushes in further on the 23/3 when Pluto moves sign.

With new beginnings also come painful endings as well as release from past stories, habits and connections that no longer serve us.

This can be a time to really find the reason to say yes to good new regimes and stick to a step-by-step strategy to carry you to that place where the rhythm takes over and it becomes easier to stay in the current.

Saturn in the sign of Pisces is also helping us find the discipline to stay connected to our dream and find the way to bring the dream into reality rather than escaping from reality into the ideal that keeps us trapped in the mirage of tomorrow land that never really manifests.

I have done a lot of work around fear and procrastination. I now look at the challenge and look at where I can find the support to help me start and the tools to work with. This has shifted so many things for me as I now can flow so much better in my life rather than feeling crippled by the challenges that stop the flow.

Other planetary movement for this week is:

  • Mars finally moves sign after being in Gemini for 7 months! It moves into Cancer 25/3
  • Mercury and Jupiter conjunct on 28/3 – a time where you can look at the bigger picture, or connect to a big idea, or share some insights that can inspire – watch out for reactive or impulsive triggers where you leap before you look.
  • Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus on 30/3 – money matters may surprise us – changes in the value system

Wishing you all a beautiful new Moon and equinox. Find a moment set a clear intention for this month, for this year and for the decade as three significant planets offer you this chance to really look at what it is you can do from a micro and macro level of your life path.

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