Completing a Cycle

I have just come back from an epic adventure week away. It made me realize how important it is to step out of our mundane rhythm every now and again to reconnect to the bigger picture and recharge and reactivate our authentic soul mission. I got to see the alignment of planets setting in the west whilst wild camping near Fouriesburg in the Free State. Seeing the stars and the planets so clearly in the night sky reconnects me to the energy of where astrology actually comes from. It is all about working with what we have in nature. The cycles and the signs are all there to guide us if we are present and open. The Sun guides us through our day, through the seasons in a yearly cycle and the Moon guides us through our night through the phases in a monthly (28 day) cycle.

We are coming to that point where the Sun`s cycle is coming to an end and a new Zodiacal year will start on the 21st of March. The last week of Pisces (which is now) is about closure, completion, connecting to your dream and finding ways to activate the process of manifesting it by creating clear and strategic steppingstones to work with. Saturn has just moved into Pisces adding an extra push to create the structures between the infinite and finite, between the real and the surreal. The visual of keep your head in the stars but your feet on the ground can help you to capture the wisdom from above and share it with the people. This will get activated even deeper once Pluto moves into Aquarius (23/3/23) and opens the door of transformation from a collective space where innovation and progressive energy will start to push in.

So this week we have a stellium of planets in Pisces Mercury, Sun and Neptune – this can intensify the connection to dreams, imagination, and telepathy, but it can also enhance the feeling of overwhelm, confusion – if you are trying to rationalize things. The phrase – measure twice cut once may be useful over this period especially as feisty Mars squares this stellium – this is particularly strong on the 17/3 when the Moon activates this square too from the last degrees of Sagittarius. Remember this week is about closure and not leaping into the new. From the New Moon on the 21st of March we start the New Moon phase and the New Sun cycle which is all about new beginnings.

Looking at important planetary shifts for this week:

  • Venus moves out of Aries (detriment) and into Taurus (rulership) on 17/3/23
  • Mercury moves out of Pisces (detriment) into Aries on 19/3/23
  • Sun moves into Aries (Equinox) just before midnight Cape Town time on 20/3/23
  • Aries NEW Moon 21/3/23 @ 19.22.56 – new beginnings
  • Saturn has just moved into Pisces
  • Pluto about to move into Aquarius 23/3/23
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