Endings and Beginnings

Pluto is on the last degree of Capricorn right now and this is the pressure point of closure, endings, deadlines and the time to start preparing for the new chapter. This theme of releasing what no longer serves you or the community will still be strong this year as Pluto retrogrades back to this degree later in June until December. Use this time to proactively transform things. The Pisces New Moon on the 20th Feb is another reminder of endings and beginnings as Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and it offers you a chance to really look at your dreams and ideals and find ways to tangibly bring these dreams into reality. The answer does not lie externally. It is an internal shift of really believing in yourself and valuing what you have to offer and finding a way to share it to the world. This takes insight, hard work and above all the license to allow yourself to put your own needs first and really nurture that dormant seed of talent you have into the blossoming tree it can be. Right now, we are all at a transition point, no one is on firm ground and as we let go of roles that are no longer working, we can make space for this new energy to come in and we can start working more authentically with our soul`s purpose. This Pisces New Moon can be a great time to reflect on this.

Other planetary news: Mercury has just moved away from an intense conjunction with Pluto which may have created some power issues, or transformation points in which new ideas can start to flow in now that Mercury has moved into Aquarius.

Venus creates a lovely romantic conjunction with Neptune in Pisces around Valentine’s day which can create that lovely rose-tinted glasses effect of sentimental hearts and roses feel we like to imagine with this day. It will move out of Pisces on the 20th of Feb and forge ahead into feisty Aries.

The Sun forms a conjunction with Saturn on the 16th of Feb which can be a point of taking responsibility and taking a situation more seriously. It can feel heavy, but this point of taking it on can also be very empowering as the responsibility lies with you now and you can choose how to move forward. The Sun then moves into Pisces on the 19th and the New Moon is on the 20th which is a lovely way of moving into Pisces month with the New Moon energy of new beginnings.

That pretty much covers the main action for this week.

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