Moving swiftly into 2023

And so, the first month has already come and gone and many of us still feel completely overwhelmed and perhaps a little confused at this powerful energy.

We had a powerful Aquarius new Moon on the 21st of January – the Chinese new year of the Rabbit hopping into 2023 where hopefully we won`t go down too many rabbit holes. The Rabbit symbolizes hope and longevity, and this is what we really need as we move into this new energy of working with the more circular format of community and collaborating together and releasing the old Ego role-based pyramid format. This new Moon in Aquarius is significant as it is planting the seed that will grow ever stronger over the next year or two as Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius and starts to transform the old social structures that no longer serve us.

So, the ungrounded feeling may be because the Sun has moved into the air sign of Aquarius now and Mars is also moving through the air sign Gemini. Mars is still slow as it finds its way back into direct motion using the insights from the past 2 and a half months of retrograde to see how to reset and find your new way of driving your energy into 2023. Mercury has also only just gone direct, so the airwaves and communication lines may still need a few days of adjusting to connecting and networking your ideas to the significant people and sources.

The next two months are all about finding your foundations and structures that support you in this new frequency that is pushing in and will start from the end of March where two key planets change sign. With both Saturn and Pluto sitting at the last degrees of a sign, the pressure point of needing to complete things becomes more intense. Saturn works in a strategic way of laying important foundations and structures and working systematically towards something. Use this concept over the next 2 months to find the supportive structures you need for this transformation time we are in. Pluto works in transforming and those inner emotional storms you may be feeling is Pluto`s way of pushing you to consciously notice what it is that needs to change so that things can evolve. Pluto energy never works softly… you need to push into the fear and go through the tunnel and release what needs to go so that the phoenix can rise from the ashes. This is powerful work and can be so rejuvenating and freeing once you find the support and tools and momentum to move in and move through.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 5th of February will highlight the heart energy of how to connect authentically as the individual you are within the group structures of sharing the love and the light with others. This can be a beautiful time to really look at how that new Moon seed of intention is working and what still needs to be released to help you to stay in your power and radiate your light. This can be a creative time as Venus moves through the imaginative and compassionate sign of Pisces. Mercury will conjunct Pluto on the 9-10th Feb which can be a trigger point or powerful realization point before it moves out of the practical sign of Capricorn into the more innovative airwaves of Aquarius.

Wishing you all a blessed week and may the Full Moon bring light to what your soul is needing.

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