Wrapping up the year

2020 was like the tower falling and we needed to crawl out of the rubble. 2021 pushed us to look at the rubble as a source of new and innovative possibilities to reinvent and renovate. 2022 offered us the chance to create the plans and start the foundation work of the renovations and rebuilding. This may have come in the form of new research, studies, innovative jobs, new contacts, new ways of looking at things. Pluto has still not left Capricorn and the actual feeling of being out of the woods and in new territory will only start to become more apparent from 2023 and definitely from 2024.

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt through all this is to stay present and to really work through the resistance and fears that tend to freeze one up and stop the flow. We tend to overlook how much we have actually done in these changing times because we tend to be too critical of ourselves and expect too much too soon. I took a moment to reflect on the year and realised I really did push through some really big fears – I am an introvert and public speaking is not a comfortable place for me to be, but I now host a monthly astro evening at a local restaurant and I talk on the local radio once a month too. I share a very vulnerable and powerful journey through pictures exhibition and I am no longer running from my fears. If I see an area of resistance I move in and find ways to work through it. This has become such an amazing shift for me because I am no longer scared of the shadow and through that I am able to really step more authentically into my own subtle power and guide and help others to find their way.


The Taurus/Scorpio nodes and eclipses that we dealt with this year really pushed us to go deep and do the deep transformation work. Power and value became a big theme and the deeper we go on this theme into a more personal level, will ultimately help each one of us to stand more truly in our own power so that as a community, group we can move into the new energy of change more consciously and not get blind sited by the external powers that be. Saturn has been moving through the sign of Aquarius since 2021 – renovating the social structures – and will be moving into Pisces in March 2023. These last few months in Aquarius will be crucial to really make the necessary changes to move forward more innovatively and authentically. Don`t get held back by fear of false security. This is why we were tested so intensely on this in 2022 to help you to make the necessary changes in your life style to support where you are going or need to go. Use the Mercury retrograde which starts on the 30/12 to go back and relook at some important messages, insights, unfinished work, dreams you may have shelved, people you meant to contact, emails that you sent but didn’t get an answer – resend, reconnect, research and really use this time to stay as present as possible and allow the signs within your day to help guide you along the way.

I will write more about 2023 next week as we enter the new year. Wishing you all a reflective and connected moment on the 31st – find a moment to just be with yourself and create a space to drop into your heart space and feel what it is you need to bring into the new year.

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