New Season – New Phase

The Sun moves into a new season – Summer/Winter solstice 21/12 and as we move into the more practical and consolidating energy of Capricorn, we can align our inner needs of releasing the old stories and patterns that are not serving you as we move through the last phase of the Moon today and connect with the new waxing energy of the new Moon tomorrow 23/12 in Capricorn. This can be a great time to set practical and supporting intentions that help you to build your way upwards and outwards. The visual I see is of a box that has been opened and supports you from the ground upwards like a foundation layer. This feels appropriate as Jupiter has just moved into Aries allowing the activation process of working with those idealistic dreams you have been playing with from 2021 and 2022. This new Moon is a prelude into activating your intentions for 2023.

At New Moon tomorrow we will have 5 planets in the sign of Capricorn. This strong emphasis on building, renovating, consolidating and structuring can be a great time to slow down and work more strategically – brick by brick. Remember if you build to fast your wall will fall as the cement needs time to solidify.

There is still a strong out of bounds energy hanging on until 2023 so avoid there will be rouge energy at play and the more present and flexible you can be the easier it will be to navigate and work with the changes and uncomfortable scenarios that may present themselves.

The fixed energy is weak which means now is not the time to set things in stone, but rather initiate and play with the new ideas, new season and new energy that is starting to move in.

Mercury has been moving through the sign of Capricorn since the 7th December and what seems like a chance to transform and move into new territory will be delayed as it slows down and starts its retrograde journey (30/12)  retracing the practical information you may have overlooked in those busy December days and the decision you may have wanted to have may only manifest in early April when it will conjunct Pluto (10/2/23) and then move into Aquarius around 11/2/2023. Don`t rush things. Mars is still in retrograde until 12/1/2023.

Moon signs for the week are:

23/12/22 – New Moon Capricorn

25-27/12/22 – Crescent Moon Aquarius

27 -29/12/2022 – Pisces

29 -31/12/22 – Aries Half Moon

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Wishing you all a recharging and inspirational holiday. Stay present, stay connected and stay open, playful and light.

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