Full Feisty Moon

Brace yourself for a bit of a feisty argumentative and irritable time as 4 planets (Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury) are out of bounds (out of the normal ecliptic zone) and when they are out of bounds they beat to the rhythm of their own drum and may act out of character or unpredictably.

The Full Moon in Gemini is on the same degree as retrograding Mars who is already feeling irritable, frustrated and burned out and now has the emotional OOB moody full Moon to activate extreme reactions. Little things may blow up into big things…. philosophical discussions may end up political or debates or arguments…. The energy is very mutable and difficult to pin things down or tie things up. It may feel like you are trying to catch bubbles in the air and they pop before you can get them. The good news is that Mercury moves out of its detriment in Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn from the 7/12. This can help to direct your thoughts and ideas and not get too caught up in putting out fires as you leap into answering before you have the full story.

Venus joins Mercury in Capricorn from the 10/12. The Moon will move through the signs of Gemini – Full Moon on 8/12 and then move into Cancer on the 9-12/12 and Leo from 12-14/12.

Today`s insight is – when the music changes – the drum beat changes, and when there are many different beats, find your own rather than trying to fit in. Out of Bound energy is rougue energy, find your unique tune and play it loud and proud.

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