The Archer moves in

After a rather intense and shadowy Scorpio period, we now prepare ourselves for the overindulgent and abundant energy of Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury have already moved into Sagittarius and will dance together around the same degrees until the end of November when Mercury starts to speed up and move on in its Hermes fashion.

Mercury in Sagittarius can be a bit troublesome as there is the tendency to be a bit blunt or blurt out something before it is thoroughly thought through. This can put you into a spot of awkwardness at times.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd of November starting the month of Sagittarian birthdays.

The Moon goes into its last phase and pushes into the uncomfortable waters of Scorpio before starting a new waxing phase on the 24th of November. The 22-24/11 pushes us to release the last of the icky uncomfortable stuff we have been working through this month. The Sagittarian New Moon offers us a chance to start on a clean slate and set our intentions towards bringing in abundance, making our circle bigger and travelling out of the ruts and stuck places.

Mars is still retrograde, so continue with the rebooting, reassessing or reflecting on new ways to redirect the energy to work more constructively and productively for you.

Jupiter is also still retrograde in Pisces offering you another chance to revisit your dreams. Don`t give up when times seem difficult, rather find another way to view things.

I started running up the mountain again and getting that bird`s eye view of the surroundings really helped me to get out of my rabbit hole and breathe in the wide open spaces of beauty and opportunity.

My message for today is to take a detour, take a different path to work or to the shops – a change of scenery may open new doors of ideas, opportunities or even new connections.

I am having my Story through pictures exhibition this weekend 26-27/11. See the poster for details.

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