Eclipse of the Moon

The Full Moon in Taurus  shines its shadowy eclipse light on the Scorpio trio – Sun, Mercury and Venus. There is an eery quietness about the day as the usually blustery pre summer South Easter is taking a break.  I am sure you have read a lot about this eclipse, so I will just share a short explanation of what makes this eclipse different and possibly more intense.

So the Lunar eclipse happens at the Full Moon. The Moon is like a spotlight shining light on the dark. It is reflected light, so it is coming from a different source which can sometimes shock or surprise people – especially those that don`t want things to be exposed – linked to Scorpio matters – power, control and secrets.

Uranus conjunct the Moon adds an unpredictable twist  – Something unexpected may come out of the closed closet and surprise us all.

Areas that can be exposed are:

  • Natural disasters – linked to earth quakes, landslides, floods or anything that was fixed and gets dislodged or collapses. (Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Uranus shakes things up and Scorpio is a fixed water so floods or sudden breaking open of flood gates)
  • Secrets get exposed – This time feels like a breaking open where the light can come in now that information that was hidden is now exposed. The healing can begin, the old order starts to die and the rebirth of things that need to come in can start to grow. (Information – Mercury conjunct the Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus – secrets get exposed)
  • Financial security gets rocked even more – sudden changes in finances (Venus rules Money and it is in a weak sign opposing the change planet Uranus in the sign it rules Taurus)
  • Feminine inequality and injustice gets exposed through a shocking or sudden event or exposure of what goes on behind closed doors. (Venus rules feminine and it is in detriment – it is in the sign of secrets and of sex – and the eclipsed moon and the change planet oppose it – this can add shock effect.

Like any Full Moon time, it is a beginning of the waning two weeks and a great time to start releasing what no longer is working for you so that by the new Moon you are ready to start on a clean new slate.

Stay safe, stay quiet and protect yourself as the veil is still thin and strangers can trespass into your dreams and territory more easily over an eclipse time.

So the key words that come through are breaking open, exposure, the truth comes out, time for change, and transformation.

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