The Dance between Shadow and Light

If I would paint the scenery for this Scorpio/eclipse/Halloween/day of the dead time, it would be dark and eerie, pushing your uncomfortable buttons to the max. The beauty about discomfort is that it pushes us to use our resources rather than coast on the surface. There are no safety nets now, the shadow part of our life is glaringly obvious and there is no place to hide and all the chances to face it and transform it.

I read a book once about a student wizard and how he was becoming stronger and stronger in his world of magic, but the stronger he got the bigger his shadow got and the more he ran from the shadow, the more the shadow controlled his life. Eventually he got to the point where he had nowhere to run to and he had to turn around and face it. The shadow resembled the wizard. In facing it the shadow got smaller and was not so threatening. Once we understand what it is we fear or resist, we can then start to do the conscious transformation work.

I am finding this time incredibly challenging but also incredibly humbling and healing. One of the areas of focus when working with Scorpio energy is learning to surrender and allow things to unfold. There is such a strong undercurrent default setting to hold on too tightly and to control things so that you know how to manage… this does not allow space for the deeper magic to come in and deep down your soul is tired of the same old repetitive story.

With Mars about to start its retrograde journey over the next two months, you have the chance to rewrite your script and relook at how you want to move forward.

My message for you for this week is: “If the outer lights have been switched off, trust your inner light to guide you.”

Wishing you a beautiful week.

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