Solar Eclipse

Today we see the Sun, the Moon and Venus all on 02` Scorpio creating a powerful intense energetic point. The South node a few degrees further intensifies this by creating the eclipse energy which hides the Sun`s light and pushes us to look more deeply at the shadow effect of where we are at. In Astrology the dignity of the planets in the signs they move through helps us to see whether they are in their strength or weakened. In this triple conjunction we see Venus in detriment which is the weakest place for it to be, Moon in its fall – also weak and the Sun eclipsed and cannot shine brightly, so this adds emphasis to the shadow work we need to do. All is not well on many levels and the Taurus North node emphasizes the changes that are happening in connection to currency, value related matters and security and structure. We are blindly holding onto old structures that don`t support us and this Scorpio New Moon(eclipse) brings some information that has been hidden from us to the surface. We may only see it by the Lunar eclipse on the 8th of November when the Moon connects with the North node in Taurus and Uranus the planet of sudden and erratic change which may shock or surprise us and reveal things in new light. Saturn the karmic timekeeper forms a square to both the Moon Uranus north node in Taurus and the Sun Venus south node in Scorpio from Aquarius which is the sign of social structure and progressive group related matters. Mars slows down ready to go retrograde by November, so we need to relook how we are moving and use this retrograde time to relook, reassess and reboot things. Jupiter goes back into Pisces around the same time giving us a chance to reconnect with our soul dream – what is it you really want to do that resonates deeper than your surface desires? What is your calling? How can you reconnect to this?


So let`s use the New Moon time to set a deep and clear intention that breaks all fear barriers. Put it out there and then be open and present to start working towards this.

Some facts about eclipses:

They usually come in twos – The New Moon = Solar eclipse and two weeks later the Full Moon = Lunar eclipse. They will be in the sign of the nodes, so right now the nodes are in Scorpio and Taurus. We had the first set of eclipses in Taurus (30th April Solar and 15th May Lunar) and now 6 months later we are having them in Scorpio (25th October Solar and 8th November Lunar).

Ancient astrologers encouraged people to stay indoors during eclipse as the shadow time allows darker energy in. This time we not only have the eclipses in Scorpio the sign that is linked to shadow and death, it also overlaps the day of the dead and Halloween which pushes the shadow theme to an even deeper level.

Current ongoings:

  • Astrology cafe evening at Cone Collection #conecollection Wednesday 26th October in Kommetjie where we will go deeper into understanding the current planetary on goings and how to navigate through this.
  • I will be talking with Jacques De Klerk #thehappyalchemist on my monthly slot on Zone Radio #zoneradio 88.5fm (you can stream it) on Wednesday 2nd November where we will be combining the energy of Scorpio with apt tunes and some inspiring insights.
  • I had an interview with Lize de Jonge you can find it on…

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