The Dark Side of the Sun

Some of you may already be feeling this pre-eclipse energy as we head towards the 2nd half of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse tunnel starting with the Scorpio New Moon – Solar eclipse on the 25th October followed by the Lunar eclipse two weeks later on the 8th. This eclipse focuses on power and value related matters. Secrets and money matters may come to the surface – particularly over the Lunar eclipse when the Taurus Full Moon and North node conjunct Uranus and opposes the Sun, mercury, Venus and the South node in Scorpio.

October has not been an easy month as we have had to work with the changing flow of 4 planets as they go into stationary position before moving into their direct or retrograde flow. What does stationary mean? It means that it stops and then prepares to move in a different direction a bit like when you are reversing your car, you first have to go into neutral and then change gear to move forward. This can often feel like things stand still and it can be frustrating if you want to push things into action. The stand still period is never more than two days and then it slowly builds up speed.

  • Mercury was stationary in the 1st week of October and finally now is moving more swiftly in its direct motion through the sign of Libra.
  • Pluto was stationary around the full Moon period 10/10 and now it is also moving direct – in fact this was the last retrograde it makes in Capricorn as it starts to prepare to change sign and move into Aquarius for its first visit in early 2023. The pressure cooker power game is on!
  • Saturn goes stationary around the 22/10 just before the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio
  • Mars goes stationary 30-31/10 preparing for its retrograde period from 1/11/22 – 12/1/23

Other planetary changes are:

  • Venus moves into Scorpio 22/10
  • Sun moves into Scorpio 23/10
  • Scorpio New Moon (Solar eclipse) 25/10
  • Jupiter moves back into Pisces 28/10 for the last little visit to your dreams and then won`t be back there for another 12 years – so manifest those dreams – you have already had 3 chances since mid 2021.
  • Mercury moves into Scorpio 29/11
  • Mars stations to retrograde 30/10

So with all this planetary turbulence, stay present and focussed. Remember that the eclipse time is when the darkness can come in more easily. This is coinciding with Scorpio and the day of the dead. Ancient astrologers advised people to stay inside during eclipses. We can stay inside by protecting ourselves with light. This can be a time of breakthrough on many levels as we enter the last part of the chapter of Pluto moving through Capricorn.

This week`s insight is: Peace is a process, not a destination.

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