The Yin and the Yang

Balance is a strong theme at the Moment as the Sun moves through the sign of Libra. Over the next two weeks, the graceful energy of Venus joins the Sun in a conjunction adding an element of Yin. Beauty, harmony, creativity, receptivity are areas of focus and can be brought into the front line of what you are doing. This may not be easy as the undercurrent of tension can wobble things – we have the communication lines which may be in a state of confusion right now as Mercury changes from retrograde back to direct motion. Today it will be in stationary position, so don`t expect things to move quickly. Mars forms a square to Mercury which can enhance tension as Mars likes to act, but Mercury is in an opposition to misty Neptune which creates confusion, so trying to push forward in misty conditions is never a good thing. Allow Mercury to slowly settle into its forward moving motion before leaping into action.

The other tension aspect is the square from Saturn to Uranus. This undercurrent tension was particularly strong last year where we felt the pull between the two sides – good, bad, right, wrong… etc. This aspect has reconnected for the last time pushing some of those issues back into the frontline. Saturn tends to work on fear based rule bound patterns and Uranus prefers to break the rules. The tension comes into play because Saturn focuses on the past and Uranus focuses on the future, and somewhere in the middle lies the actual point of where we are.

So the antidote to all this tension and imbalance we are dancing with is to stay present, try not to buy too deeply into the fear or the idealism, use the beautiful energy of Venus to really add value to your life through doing the things you love.

What makes you feel valued? Bring a few beautiful sparkles into your week that makes you feel happy, and alive. Add in the essence of gratitude, love, receptivity and beauty into your week.

We have the Full Moon just before midnight on the 9/10/22. This Full Moon will be in the sign of Aries and highlight your key relationships and push you to look at where you sit with yourself in your relationships. Giving and receiving will be part of this theme of balance. It can be a great time to observe the triggers, the patterns and the old stories that creep up and disturb the peace. Use this time to really understand your role in this.

The Moon moves through Capricorn today and tomorrow and it will be aspecting Pluto 4/10 which can intensify certain reactions and triggers linked to power and control. On the 5/10 the Moon moves through Aquarius and will aspect Saturn – also bringing up some uncomfortable emotions linked to social structures and support.  From the 6-8/10 the Moon will be in dreamy, sensitive Pisces and then on the 9th we have the Aries Full Moon.

I wish you all a beautiful week of connection, staying present, valuing yourself and those around you through love and gratitude.

Life is a dance and we need to stay present to the changes of the rhythm.

Louise L. Hay wrote, “The point of power is always in the present moment.”

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