A sensitive balancing act

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you need to keep moving.” Albert Einstein

There are two fundamental things to have when focusing on balance:

  1. A center point – for something to be in balance there needs to be a center.
  2. A focal point – trust and connection become a crucial part of this – without looking down, you just know where to put your feet.


If you look at a tight rope walker, they use their arms to rectify and stay balanced using their body as the center point.

They have a focal point ahead of them that they use. They do not look down or around them, part of staying in balance is being in tune with their body and in a slow and rhythmical step by step process, they make their way to the other side.

It is that time of the Moon(th) again where we start the waxing phase. This New Moon planting the seed of intention linked to balance. Create a focal point to work towards. Look at what may be creating imbalance and see how you can shift or eliminate this to help you stay on your line and get to your destination without wobbling off.

With 6 planets in retrograde at the moment, there is a strong internal theme needing attention. Use the Libra energy of relating, pleasing and fairness to be part of your monthly focus. Bring your own needs into the picture. A relationship is not in balance if you are only thinking of the other. Use this month to work on the art of receptivity. Look at your relationship to yourself.

Other planetary energies playing a strong role this week are:

  • Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo and forms a conjunction with Venus. This highlights the need to relook at the important details linked to something you value.
  • Saturn is moving back into a tight square to Uranus adding tension between the need to stay in what you know and breaking out into new territory. This theme will get illuminated strongly on the 12th October at the Full Moon.
  • Venus moves into Libra 29/9 and it dances near the energy of the Libra sun for most of October forming an exact conjunction on the 20/10.
  • Mercury goes stationary on 2/10 about to go direct again

The Moon signs for this week are:

Libra 26-28/9 (waxing New Moon)

Scorpio 28 -30/9

Sagittarius 30/9 – 2/10

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