The shift to uplift

So the Pisces Full Moon shone its spotlight this weekend and perhaps shone light on some uncomfortable realisations that some of the puzzle pieces you thought were in order are not quite in the right place. This Full Moon is a pivotal point where you can shift into conscious choice and activate the changes tat need to happen by using the waning energy of releasing what needs to go so that you can make space for the new seeds of intention that you can bring in at the next New Moon. The Mercury retrograde that coincided with the Full Moon also pushes us to retrace our steps and reassess what it is we need. The combination of the retrograde Mercury mixed with the sensitive and emotional Pisces Moon may have created a mountain out of a mole hill for some people where misunderstandings or assumptions were taken the wrong way and led you down the rabbit hole.

This week still has a strong Virgo energy to it as the Sun and Venus shine light on this. There may be some subtle boundaries you need to put in to help you focus on maintaining the balance between pleasing others and receiving the things that do make you feel seen and valued. (Venus square Mars).

Mercury still retrogrades through the sign of Libra highlighting the information and communication linked to finding the balance or noticing the imbalances so that you can re-find your flow.

The Sun is moving towards an opposition with Neptune which pushes us to be that much more observant and present – as the energies of Neptune can be misty and boundaries can blur.

The energy between Saturn squaring Uranus is intensifying again and the theme of holding onto the rules and security of what we know (fear based) pushing against the desire for change becomes  strong again. This will be the last square they make before Saturn moves sign. It will be interesting what value or power related “stuff” starts to play out again.

Some astro tools for this week are:

  • Don`t assume – rather ask twice and know than move in and not know
  • Double check before sending, signing or agreeing to anything
  • Create good boundaries so you know where you stand and others also know where they stand
  • Let go of that self critic – try to see the beauty in the moment and in yourself

Phase of Moon = Waning Full to half.

Moon signs for this week are:

ARIES: 12-13/9

TAURUS: 13-15/9

GEMINI: 15 -18/9

Cancer 18 -20/9

The quote for this week has a Virgo theme:

“I realized that I don’t have to be perfect. All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect, and beautiful journey of my life.” Kerry Washington

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