The Sun has now moved into Leo encouraging us to connect to our inner creativity, our inner sunshine. Leo is a sign of shining like the Sun, radiating your light.

Share your flare through spontaneity and heartfelt activities that make your eyes sparkle and your heart shine. Over the next two days 26-28/7 the Moon moves through the sensitive and nurturing sign of Cancer (the sign it rules) and the Sun is in Leo (the sign it rules). This can be a great time to consciously bring the heart into your daily rhythm. Find a moment to share, give and connect from a heartfelt place of passion and compassion. This can be a pay it forward intention, or a self nurturing gift to self.

The waning Moon is coming to the end of its cycle – the time to release, complete, and prepare for a new Lunar cycle as the Leo new Moon approaches. The new Moon is on the 28/7/22. This New Moon intention comes from the heart – how to radiate your light authentically, how to shine in your authentic power. It is the power of creation, light, birth, passion, colour, energy –Sun energy. This conscious focus of staying in the sunlight when the intensity of external pressure weighs heavy on us.

Other planetary shifts: Jupiter is slowing down and preparing for its retrograde journey which begins from the 29/7/22. Around this time frame, Mars moves closer and closer towards the conjunction to Uranus and the North Node in Taurus which is exact on the 1st and 2nd of August. I am very curious to know how this unpredictable and volatile energy will come out as it is in a fixed earth sign, so it could be an earth quake, money related surprises or something fixed that gets broken open in an unpredictable way….

Moon sign changes for the week are:

  • Cancer = 26-28/7
  • Leo (new Moon) = 28 -30/7
  • Virgo = 30 – 2/8

Current workshops and talks for the next month are:

  • 30/7/22 I am part of a group of astrologers sharing info in a cyber space Astro Fair EST1pm
  • Starting a new Moon group for August for those that want the 4 session in depth Moon workshop.
  • A collaboration with Claire Frith – Becoming a Wombman Moon circle 6/8/22
  • 11/8/22 My Full Moon talk at the Cone Collection – the theme for this month will be the Yin and the Yang (Venus Mars dance) – how we attract and give in our relationships to others and to ourselves.

For more information please message me.

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