Broken Open

As a Taurean I tend to stay in things longer than I should and often it takes an external event or a tipping over effect to push me into action. Right now I am feeling this as I have been ignoring the fact that I needed to go to the dentist and I bit into something hard and my mouth just went into instant shock pushing me to have to sort things out. The reason why I am telling you this is to describe the energy we are in right now.

The conjunction between Uranus (sudden and unpredictable), Mars (volatile, hot and fierce) mixed with the magnifying and karmic energy of the North node can create  that sudden breaking open effect that pushes us into action, or opens things up in a way we need to see the truth or face the situation honestly and effectively.

This energy could play out in many ways and in different intensities. From global changes such as a natural disaster, financial changes or currency shockers, the truth getting leaked out through an unexpected source, the urge to have to tell someone something, the urge for change, or an event that pushes you into making that change. These are just some examples of how this energy could play out. It may also be more internal or subconscious. The mist may clear and you can now see things more clearly. All I can say is that the revolutionary in me gets excited by these transits, a change is always good, and seeing things more clearly pushes us into action.

The Sun trines Jupiter in fire signs which adds a positive flare to this. It is about movement, expansion, initiating and passion. Jupiter has also just turned retrograde, which can also add a change in direction in how things need to go.

The energy may be tense with the opposition between Mercury and Saturn, where old rules no longer serve and the progressive new energy is pushing us to look ahead rather than staying stuck in things that are no longer supporting us. The waxing new Moon energy invites us to use this time to work on those ideas, intentions, dreams that have been welling up from that deep place within. The waxing two weeks can be very eventful with all this action energy around to work with. The Full Moon in mid August could shine more light on what is opening up. In the mean time just stay present, attentive and connected. You may need to dance to a new rhythm as the music starts to shift quite suddenly, but the Leo Sun energy says, let`s make the most of it and have a party anyway.

Moon signs for this week are:

  • Virgo – 1-2/8
  • Libra – 2- 4/8
  • Scorpio – 4-6/8
  • Sagittarius – 6- 8/8
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