Moving towards the Leo light

The affect of the Super Moon we had last week could still be seen through the shell shocked eyes and the huge waters of the high tide washing away the beaches.

Apologies for not writing last week, but I was in the thick of it trying to stay afloat in my kayak as I pushed through and past the peaks and troughs of the Capricorn Full Moon energy. The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn which means that it is the sign furthest away from its natural ruler sign Cancer. This means we tend to react or act the opposite way to what our soul needs – such as over work, suppress our vulnerability and deeper emotions, tough it alone rather than asking for support and then feeling the weight of it through stress on our bodies.

The Sun is opposite Pluto over the next few days (18-21 July) and the Moon forms a square to this tension dance on the 20th as it cruises through the feisty sign of Aries. Tension, power struggles, pent up emotional reactions can be intensified over this period especially on the 20th.

The Moon moves over Chiron on the 19th which may activate those sensitive and sore areas we are still hiding or protecting. This can be extra important for those born between 1972-1973 as you will be in your Chiron return and the retrograde which will start from 21 July gives you a chance to look more deeply at what you need to do to transform and shift this pain into healing it and releasing its clutches it may still have on you in some way.

Mars is pressing buttons in Taurus and is heading for a conjunction to Uranus and the north Node on the 1st of August which will probably be an unpredictable surprise of some sorts. I feel the Uranus square to Saturn starting to tighten again for the latter part of this year and this Mars conjunction may be the instigator to some of the changes that may happen later. I will talk more about this closer to the time.

Other planetary changes:

  • Venus has moved into Cancer 0`
  • Mercury moves into Leo on 19/7/22
  • Sun moves into Leo 22/7/22 @22.07 Cape Town time
  • Chiron goes retrograde on 21/7/22
  • Jupiter is slowing down and preparing to go on its retrograde journey from the 29 July.


  • Aries – 18-20/7
  • Taurus 20 -23/7
  • Gemini 23-25/7

Other news: My Astro Tuesday Full Moon evenings at the Cone collection will be on going with the next one in August. Check the Cone collection website or mine for more details closer to the time.

I will be starting Zoom Astro classes and Moon workshops. Message me for more details. I will be doing on going in depth intuitive Moon workshops starting at every New Moon. These in depth sessions help you to become more conscious of the faster Moon transits and how they affect your actions, reactions and how to focus more on your authentic inner compass based on intuition.

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