Peaks and Troughs

The Sun is moving through the sensitive sign of Cancer which tends to intensify emotional reactions and defences as we are more sensitive to the undercurrent energies and injustices and being a water sign it is difficult to see the bird`s eye view of how to navigate through the intensity as we don`t really have a time line, just a short fuse. This short fuse was activated to its intensity this past week when Mars squared  Pluto and the New Moon in Cancer also added some extra reaction and sensitivity and drama to the mix – accidents, emotional wobbles and just a really hard to manage energy.

Mars is about to leave the square and then enter the sign of Taurus where it may be forced to slow down otherwise a speedy sports car racing on a gravel road could end up wheel spinning. The square between Mercury and Neptune also adds tension as we muddle our way through what is real and what is not. Fact and fiction blur. Confusion makes us doubt ourselves and double guess instead of waiting for the mist to lift to see the clearer picture. When in doubt – trust your intuition.

 So today`s overview is to pause and find a place to get some fresh air and a bird`s eye view of where you are at, and to slow down to a moderate pace to handle the changes that are occurring. At the end of the day we can blame the world and everybody else but this won`t fix the situation, but you can inwardly centre yourself so that you are more rooted and you won`t fall over in the external chaos and stormy conditions.

Planetary changes:

Mars moves into Taurus  – 5/7/22

Mercury moves into Cancer 6/7/22

Moon moves into a waxing square in Libra 7/7/22

Moon movement for the week is:

  • Virgo – 4-6/7
  • Libra – 6-8/7
  • Scorpio – 8-10/7
  • Sagittairius – 10 -12/7
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