Soul Seeds

We are entering the dark/final phase of the Moon, the phase of releasing, completing, tying up loose ends, and preparing for the new “Moonth” – the new cycle of the Moon starting from the early hours of the morning of the 29th of June.
The final phase connects to the sign of the previous New Moon which was in Gemini. The Moon now moves through Gemini (today) and releases what is no longer working or resets the inner setting to help you to focus on the new month`s intention. This New Moon is in Cancer – sensitivity, intuition, heart, mother, nurture, home and family are just some of the areas you can work with for this new Moon.

The focus is internal – it is not an external Sun wish. It is about quietly sitting in your own space and reflecting on things. The New Moon is a time of darkness externally so that you can connect to your own unique inner light and allow this seed of intention to slowly grow during the waxing period (2 weeks).

Other planetary changes – Venus has moved out of Taurus into the mutable energy of Gemini. Mercury moves into Cancer on the 5th July and Mars moves into Taurus on the 6th of July

I am running my in-depth Moon workshop (1 session per week following the phases of the Moon and working with the phases, signs, houses as well as your own chart) from this new Moon or you can start on the next one in July.
I will also be sharing insights at the Cone collection Soul Food evenings around the Full Moon. Book in advance for these as it does fill up quite quickly and space is limited.

Moon signs for the week are:
Gemini (last phase of the Moon) – 27/6
Cancer (New Moon 29th) – 28 -30/6
Leo (First sliver of light) 1-3/7
Virgo (waxing crescent Moon) – 3-6/7

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