Solstice – The changeover time

The Sun and the Moon have similar rhythms of waxing and waning. The Moon does it on a (Micro)monthly rhythm of 2 weeks waxing and then 2 weeks waning, and the Sun does it on a (Macro)yearly rhythm. We have reached that point half way through the year where it will change from waning to waxing for the southern hemisphere and waxing to waning for the north. These points can be used to consciously set intentions for the month or for the next part of the year. The exact time of change from Gemini to Cancer (Cape Town time) is: 11.14am on 21/6/22

The sensitive Pisces Moon may have created some overwhelm or confusion as it squared Mercury and is moving towards the dreamy energies of Neptune where the temptation to escape can be strong, but it also can be a great time to connect to anything linked to spiritual activities, imagination, the ocean or dreams.

Mars was conjunct Chiron in Aries which may have stirred up some past pain that may need to be worked through sensitively.

Venus in Taurus can be creative and practical, but the square to Saturn may show some challenges linked to value related matters. These challenges may be linked to some changes that may have occurred around the 11/6/22 when Venus was conjunct Uranus.

We are in the waning phase of the Moon as we start to release what needs to go in connection with the Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon month on understanding the bigger picture so that we can let things go. Moral of the story is don`t sweat the small stuff.

Planetary shifts:

  • Sun moves into Cancer = 21/6
  • Venus moves into Gemini = 23/6
  • Moon in Pisces – 20-21/6
  • Moon in Aries – 21- 23/6
  • Moon in Taurus 24 -26/6

I held an Astro evening at the Cone collection last Full Moon. It is a lovely venue and the turnout was great. The combination of soul talk and food really made it a lovely evening for those that attended. I will be holding these evenings once a month on a Tuesday evening closest to the full Moon at the cone collection. I will keep you posted with dates when I have confirmed them. I am also available to talk at private functions if you would like an evening of food and astrology. I can custom make the talk to suit the group – be it a question-answer type feel to understanding certain areas or just an all-round overview. Contact me via WhatsApp.

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