The Cosmic Energy Dance

I am in awe at the intensity of the energy at the moment. I see it in the daily rhythm as I try to keep up or catch up or juggle… I see it in the brilliance of the sunsets and sun rises at the moment… I see it in the shell shocked faces of the aftermath of the eclipse period and the expectant faces of those waiting for Mercury to go direct again… Well Mercury has now stationed and is no longer in retrograde, but it is pausing on 26` Taurus from 29/5 – 8/6 which is a very long time for quick silver Mercury to be standing still. This means that information may be delayed, the ideas you wish to push ahead may take longer than anticipated or feel like you are pushing against a boulder. It is also conjunct the fixed star Algol which can feel like a headless chicken going around in circles. The fixed energy is enhanced as  most of the planetary energy is moving through the fixed signs – Taurus and Scorpio (Nodes and Uranus as well as this current Mercury) and Saturn in Aquarius which is squaring Mercury and will later square Uranus again.

The focus right now is to pause, to be present and to work with what you have rather than race ahead with your ideas and intentions. As Mercury stations at 26` Taurus, Saturn stations at 25` Aquarius (a square away) as it prepares its retrograde journey over the next few months (4/6 -22/10). The timing of one planet pausing to go direct and the other pausing to retrograde feels like a deeper sign of using the information we have received over the past month with the eclipse as well as Mercury retrograde. Saturn retrograde will be about reassessing our support structures as well as our social structures. It will be a time to renovate and build to support where we need to go. If you have any loose ends or unfinished projects, studies, plans this can be the time to complete them so that by October you are ready to move towards your dream. Jupiter will move back into Pisces briefly at the end of the year so this timing can be quite apt in really pushing towards what it is you intuitively know you need to do.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 14th shines light on the communication lines and information you may be processing, sharing or working with. Mercury moves back into Gemini again which helps to speed up the thought process and hopefully direct the communication and ideas into a more connected and streamlined flow. The Neptune squaring the full Moon may enhance the challenges linked to communicating your ideas – avoid assumptions and rather ask twice. If in doubt, go with your intuition. The good news is that from the 14th of June we have a period of time where 4 of the planets will be in their own signs which can be great for directing the energy of that planet to fulfil its promise. Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius.

The Moon signs for this next week are:

  • 2-4/6 Moon in Cancer
  • 4-6/6 Moon in Leo
  • 6-8/6 Moon in Virgo
  • 8-10/6 Moon in Libra
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