Retro Grading

Hi. I am back after navigating my way through the shadow land of that Eclipse period…. Wow was that a test or what? Again some people will cruise through certain transits while others just feel it super strongly and that depends on where the planets are transiting your chart.

So where to begin…. Taurus season has come and gone like a flash and now the Sun is cruising into the airwaves of Gemini… and as the Sun moves into Gemini, the ruling planet of Gemini retrogrades back into Taurus pushing us to re-look at some of the groundwork that may need some renovating or reassessing. Once Mercury goes direct from the 4th of June Saturn then starts its retrograde which is the deeper slower foundation renovation of what we have been working with this year.

Jupiter has now moved into Aries and now is the time to take those dreams and opportunities into the action process. You may need to wait until Mars moves into Aries on the 25th of May for things to become clearer. You may have found that the mixture of the Mercury retrograde plus Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces has been one big overwhelming blur, like running into the mist. Well, Mars rules Aries and once it moves into its own sign it has more power to act – you will still need to direct the energy as impatience, impulse and agitation may still be quite high. Venus moves into Taurus by the 29th of May which coincides with payday for some and can be a good time to evaluate things and feel like things are starting to go more into balance.

June actually has a lot of good planetary energy flowing through as there will be 4 planets in their own signs – Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries, and Saturn in Aquarius (co-ruler) which can be directed into working in a streamlined way.

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