The Dark side on the Moon

The Full Moon is like a spot light in the dark. It not only literally shines light on the night, but it also churns up our sub conscious, our dormant emotions and pushes them to the surface to be witnessed and hopefully consciously seen which can help us to process the deeper information into a space where we can work with both our own inner needs and our obligation to blend into the daily life in which we live in.

I really felt this last Solar eclipse energy as it pushed a lot of the dormant fears and shadow energy to the fore for me in the sign of Taurus. I have had to dig extra deep to not fall back into repetitive old stories and use my new found tools to really stay on the tight rope knowing that this is yet another test to stay focused and connected and not be pushed off by negative power. The veil is thin right now and this energy can come from many sources – mine came through my dreams where I was at my most vulnerable.

Before we enter the next eclipse at Full Moon on the 16th May, we have a few planetary changes that take place.

  • Mercury goes stationary on the 10th May and then starts its retrograde journey from the 12th – 4th June. It goes back into Taurus from 22nd May pushing us to work practically to make sense of things from a grounded earth perspective before we go back into the speedy airwaves of Gemini from the 14th June.
  • The 11th May Jupiter moves into Aries and will be in this sign until November when it will briefly return to the dreamland of Pisces 29Oct-21Dec 2022 where we get a tiny chance to reconnect with our dream and push it to the next level if this first chance didn`t get enough momentum…..
  • The Sun also connects with the North node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio on the 13th May just before the Full Moon. This may be the theme we need to work with, in shifting, releasing and transforming some of the shadow stuff in our life – whether it is personal or more global. This may be the lead up to the Full Moon, and then on the 16th when the Moon is in the intense sign of Scorpio and at its full phase, we may start to see the full picture and find ways to start releasing it as the Moon starts to wane.
  • Mars also conjuncts the misty energy of Neptune around this time 16 -20th May which can feel a bit overwhelming or daunting as Mars likes to surge ahead, but the mist may be hard to find direction. Use this energy consciously by navigating intuitively rather than impulsively pushing your will to get ahead without a clear map. Your inner compass needs to be activated.

So the Moon signs for this week are:

  • 9/5 – Leo Moon
  • 10-12/5 – Virgo Moon
  • 12- 14/5 – Libra Moon
  • 15 – 17/5 – Scorpio Moon Full Moon on 16/5 (lunar eclipse)
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